Sunday, December 30, 2007

the end of an era....(kneel and bow)

It's going to be a beautiful New Year....I do have this inkling...

My life has changed, suddenly it seems, albeit a process from my yoga journey with the Teacher Training up until this moment. Although I am still adjusting to all this positive change....I feel that balance in life is what I need and what holds the key to happiness in life. I am finding that until you face yourself....until you stand in the mirror of your own accomplishments and defeats, guity pleasures, glaring truths, denials, egocentric ideals, and blinding realities, do you see the reflection of honesty that we all own.

It gives you something to work with for the progress. If we study yogic science it says that living in the present moment will keep you from falling too far forward or holding on to the past. But, I don't think that means not making way for progress. Setting goals can have amazing results and Quick! I have amazed myself with progress, but I think that means I just need to set higher goals but don't be too hard on myself in the meantime.

I do think this year's end has brought me a newfound peace within that was not present previously. Not that it is total peace...I am still a restless, damn distracted soul that needs discipline in her life, BUT I am learning a little bit about patience. Patience with others and more importantly, patience with myself......

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Part Dve

Tim assisting me in Utkatasana....Photo courtesy of Cynthia Bacani

I am finding that in my practice I was trying to muscle my way through each asana so much that I wasn't enjoying the "steady, comfortability" that is available to me if I just relax and let it happen. My teachers say that there has to be a balance between effort and ease....between strength and flexibility. Becoming light in a very physical, vigorous practice is the hard part...but to watch an advanced teacher make it look so effortless...It makes you hopeful.

So, I am just being patient with myself, easier with myself....SO I don't hurt myself anymore!

My teaching debut is this Tuesday night for an Abbreviated Ashtanga class. It's funny, though, because I feel so safe with Ashtanga....I have the series I can follow like a friend holding my hand and taking me on the path. I think I am more nervous to teach a Flow class where you have to create the path...Hmm....Sounds like I need to confront that fear then. But, going back to Ashtanga, I know I will have all my classmates and fellow Ashtangis in class who will know it's my proverbial "first time!" I just want to get the bugs out, find my voice, and start teaching people the beauty of this practice!

This teacher training awakened something in my Self that had always been there. All I needed was a knock and my doors were flung wide open! I have some wonderful classmates in my teacher training who inspire me so much...Here is our class....