Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An expanded heart

Just when I thought that I was the most lucky in love, head over heels lady in the world... I just tumbled through the rabbit hole to a whole new depth and dimension of love that I never knew existed. Enter baby Liam Henry. Wow... I had heard tales that there is no greater love than that of a mother's for her child and now I know it's true. Being the youngest in my family, I was never much of a "baby" person. I just wasn't into holding other people's babies and my Dad was even a little uncertain as to whether I would even have children... for some time, I think I felt the same. And now I wonder... what was my dharma before I had him? My spiritual purpose? He is most definitely the beginning of a lifetime of fulfillment.

With this said, he is fueling my fire of inspiration to teach yoga again with more passion and creativity than I ever had before. I see so much beauty in all the eyes around me. Seeing equanimity in all humankind, seeing the soul inside that makes us all intertwined as one. Inevitably this birth of my first child has brought me to a rebirth in my yoga practice and therefore, my teachings. I have found a new humble place that sits just behind my Ego during my practice...gently tapping me on my shoulder when I want "more." And so my heart has secretly unfolded into a newly expanded heart that now reflects all the beauty that resides inside.

Jai Jai Jai!!!!