Sunday, October 21, 2007


All I can say is that it is happening. On one level I, me, Jessica am evolving. On another level, I just feel this entire wave of evolution in the consciousness of mankind. All of this accumulating to what....2012 global shift???

"An important cosmic event is occuring now. The winter solstice is now at a point in conjunction with the galactic center....This should cause a slow harmonization of humanity with the Divine will as transmitted from the galactic center....By the account thinkers like Plato, the flood that destroyed Atlantis (and probably ended the Ice Age) occured about 9300 BC (9000 years before Plato). This appears to have been when the summer solstice was in conjunction with the galactic center--a point completely opposite to the one today. --David Frawley"

So, there is evidence to show that there is a Polar shift occurring on the Earth level....It is like the whole universe is going to have an eclipse.... Galactic alignment is a rare astronomical event that brings the solstice sun into alignment with the centre of the Milky Way galaxy every 12,960 years. Untimately, the winter solstice mentioned above will happen on December 21, 2012. What effect will this have on humankind?

"At this time, we are given the means whereby we can know the so-called esoteric truth of our system and its EVOLUTION, and the part the Earth plays therein, as well as each of its inhabitants. We can go so far as to know that there is a great Centre to which we in our system are related and which determines our course, because it is this Centre that finally holds key to the Precision of the Equinoxes. It is this Centre that makes the axis Capricorn and Cancer the Evolutionary Axis of our planet. And through our study we can know that in ourselves, in our own very bodies, we can find the exact reproduction of this Galaxy which then gives us the revelation of the Supreme Herself. --Norelli-Bachelet"

With this thought, it can be said the Galactic Center is based in our own bodies as the root chakra and the Supreme evolutionary energy is the as we our aligning and this global consciousness is happening, in fact, the entire universe is moving into alignment as well.......What happens when the entire universe is aligned? Pure light, I think! Something to think about....Awareness is the key!

...inspired by a book I'm reading, "Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness Acoording to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions"--John Major Jenkins

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a glimpse

Through my preliminary studies and readings of Yoga textbooks, philosophy, and history....I am starting to sink into the heart of yoga...literally. Some pretty profound experiences and realizations have occurred inside of me that I am just starting to open and investigate. Through a very poignant meditation experience, I feel myself drawn to Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god...who is the "knower of hearts" and lives only to serve God within us and prepare us to live fully in the spirit.

I love the wonderful truth that the more we look inside our own hearts, we find that everything we see in this world is a reflection of our own past conditioning...and if we can clear away all our past emotions and judgements connected to those "things" then we can see life for what it truly IS....pure consciousness = God.

I think acceptance in my heart is where I am right now...Trying to accept this truth on the deepest level of my existence. Fear wells up in me and I try to grip onto the rungs of time and doubt...

"When we sincerely take refuge in a "higher power," it is an implicit recognition that we need help. More than that, it is the recognition that help is available. This is the beginning of devoloping real faith--not blind faith, but faith based on our own experience. It is opening to the realization that things are not the way we think they are, and that someone is there to help us--someone who knows what is to be known." ~Krishna Das, Flow of Grace

I think it is important for me to add that God, Hanuman, Jesus, Ram, etc. are all the same. Different paths to lead to the same Infinite goal....being part of the One! As Michael Franti sings, "God is too big for just one religion."