Monday, May 19, 2008

Form vs Formlessness

Through yoga philosophy we know that we are all part of ONE universal energy or consciousness and that this energy is Formless. Regardless of age, race, sex, creed, status or even thought....we are all connected through this vibration. The body and everything in our lives is but a physical manifestation or FORM of that underlying formlessness. Everything we have become and everything we are becoming is just a result of that which we have created for ourselves through thought and experience. In this constant state of Evolution....birth, preservation, death, rebirth, etc...We are solely responsible for the creation of new thoughts and those moving you toward your goals...Whatever they may be....This can be actualized through meditaion on the goal until the Formless idea materializes into Form! Anything is possible!

If we can think of our true Self as a diamond with our human form as being the unpolished surface, we can continuosly be polishing the suface of our diamond so that it shines clearly and brightly in all directions. Connecting to this place as often as possible, practicing mindfulness in our yoga asana or meditation, allows us to come in contact with our true Selves, Pure Consciousness. When we get a glimpse of that state, it is easier for us to having loving kindness and compassion for others because we are reminded again of that universal energy that connects us into One.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bittersweet Memories........

The new Teacher training program is rolling out at Yoga Life and I have to admit...there are some sparks of jeolousy that I cannot hide. I will take it as a growth spurt and move on....because as I entered the shala Jyotees' welcomed me with open arms and hearts. I see the place they are today and I know the place they are traveling through,,,,I hope to be light through the path.

My practice today felt so light and lovely...I am dedicating every practice from here on out to the Supreme,,,,the One, the Almighty~

Guruji in a WEEK! Oh my goodness, am I really a piece of this history? I think I AM!!