Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speak yourself into existence

Much of what I am learning about life is that we create our lives moment by moment by a series of conscious and unconscious choices. If we can simultaneously be conscious throughout those choices then we will be consciously living, awake and alive. Part of that truth resides on the confidence one has with I trust my own voice? Voice being an extension of the breath, breath being life and the I trust my own spirit? Good question...I realize that this is a question that I have been working on without realizing that I need to make this choice. It is an age old question of faith. Faith in yourself and ultimately faith in the in God. God has given me this voice to use as a tool for healing myself, others and the universe. All I have to do is trust this voice, trust God's voice that comes out of my lips. Why do I doubt? I know and can feel the fear that makes my throat feel tight, my heart beat fast...And when I release my voice and speak life into fruition, I feel free and light.

There is no coincidence that I went to a Song Healing workshop after only last weekend realizing that my throat chakra is where I'm locked right now. Why is it I can teach yoga to a group of 40 people, but when I speak in front of my peers I doubt myself? Krishnamurti says to always face it. Face that fear that wells up. Unlock the tightness by becoming one with it. Once we start to realize that we are fear instead of separate from it...we'll stop running away from it...we'll become part of it and then it can melt like the sand under a tide.

In yoga we talk about intention...setting your intention for your practice and we also talk about speaking with intention. This is my lesson. Speak with intention. Every word uttered is an expression of the spirit so make it a conscious intention as it vibrates throughout the entire universe...Speak with love. Speak with kindness. Speak with no judgment. Speak from the heart which is the spirit which is the breath. And last but not least, Just speak...Find the expression that is dying to come out and speak it, sing it, SCREAM IT....Just let it out!